[Lyrics] Hana - Arashi

Jul. 16th, 2017 04:58 pm
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 This is such a sweet song. I love the melody of the "tomo ni aruita / kaerimichi ni wa~" and "ano hi no kioku / hikaru tsuzukeru~" parts ♥

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FINALLY. Haha. I've been wanting to do this the whole week but I've been so exhausted lol. I actually really love this song! It's so inspirational. I remember translating the short version before, but I couldn't find my spreadsheet so I started from scratch. I finally got my pronouns in order though - I remember being super confused about that before, lol.

By the way, in case anyone is still using it, the Arashi Tracks spreadsheet has been updated :D

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Gutto! Sports Episode Guide

Jul. 15th, 2017 10:16 am
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Hi all!

How's everyone doing? Personally, I've been busy trying to catch up with all the Arashi variety shows.... After like over a year of not watching their shows... It's tough to catch up again. At least I've cut down my backlog to just about 7 months now! I'm at like... Dec 2016! :P Soon~! Soon I'll make it to this year's shows!

Anyway... I'm really enjoying their shows... And I'm liking Gutto! Sports so much that I've decided to make an episode guide! (That, and cos the show just started... I love Aiba Manabu a ton too but there's so many episodes to go back and look through if I were to do an episode guide so...) I've included links to the wikipedia or other pages about the athletes too, so if you're interested, you're just one click away from reading up! :)
I'd like to do a short summary to each episode for Gutto! Sports too... Like just introducing the 'keywords' used and so on... But then knowing me... 'Short summaries' tend to end up not so short... We'll see :X

I've also been hard at work updating the Arashi ni Shiyagare Episode Guide as I watch. 

These links have been added to the sidebar for easy reference!

Also... This comm has been really quiet recently. Here's a call for all members to share your own review for Arashi shows! <3

That's all for this post. Happy watching Arashi shows!

Planned Projects: Summer 2017

Jul. 14th, 2017 07:55 pm
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Since I've been needing a break since forever, my stance this summer is NOT to sub any current weekly drama, but only some SP or two (I was planning to sub some movie also but I saw that English subs will be available in its upcoming dvd/bluray release so nvm). However, seeing that there are many interesting dramas this summer, I cannot say I am fully committed to my promise. So my stance right now is... "it-depends-so-just-wait-and-see-but-if-possible-take-a-break-and-no-drama-subbing-this-summer-please".

One SP so far in my list...

Gokumontou. An NHK two hour SP shown November of last year, that slipped past the jdrama radar. It's a Kindaichi Kosuke masterpiece mystery, and quite challenging to translate. I've been working on this for some time now but seldom got the time to focus on it. Now that KodoGuru6 is done, I'll finally get to finish it. Special thanks to VampireXxX who helped me scour the internet for a good raw. While waiting, you can read about the plot/adaptations, HERE and HERE. Please look forward to it~.

That is all for now~.

KodoGuru S6 Ep12 Finale: Drama Notes

Jul. 13th, 2017 10:04 pm
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Ep. 12 Finale: "Deep Fried Corn and Beef Rice of Gotanda, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutake) arrived at Gotanda Station, to meet with his last client for the day, Watanabe Masayoshi (Hasegawa Tomoharu), the president of a certain packing company. However, as soon as Watanabe saw him, he pulled Goro behind some crates to hide him from his mother. Goro was confused and bewildered... After the meeting, Goro stopped for a moment to watch the flow of Meguro River. He suddenly felt hungry and looked for a shop. He saw a signboard that said, "Fureai Eat and Drink Shop Area". It was located inside a building full of snack bars and pubs. Being a non-drinker, Goro at first, hesitated but when he saw the sign, "Shokudou Todaka", he decided to give it a shot. Inside, the master of the shop (Tsuyoshi Muro) asked him to choose a drink which comes with a side nibble. Disappointed, Goro felt uneasy since it seemed it was mainly a pub. But he looked at the menu, and realized that there were Beef Rice and miso soup available, too. Besides, many of the side items like Octopus and Cucumber with Salted Kelp, Deep-Fried Corn, Rockfish-Eggplant Roll, Deep-Fried Sesame Tofu-Tomato Dashi, and Uni On The Nitamago etc. sound curiously tantalizing and promising...

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Here is my translation of the movie trailer of "Last Recipe" (Running time: 30 seconds)

Reveals 2017: We made it, somehow!

Jul. 9th, 2017 01:07 am
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I was looking at the reveals post from last year in which I bored you all with my woes about how hard a season it was, and today-me just was like "oh self, little did you realize". But, well, what started last year ended this year, so if nothing else, I won't have the same worries next year. XD.

Anyway, I feel like I'm constantly thanking you and apologizing to you for being awesome despite my being the worst, but here we are again: Thank you, and I'm sorry. Y'all are great, from the writers to the readers to the general cheerleaders, and I hope you had a good time despite everything.

Of course, the usual thank yous go out to my beta crew, and especially to our pinch hitters during what was a rough year for everyone: [livejournal.com profile] lover_youshould (perpetual pinch hitting star of NinoEx), and [livejournal.com profile] airairo and [livejournal.com profile] calerine (who both came to the rescue despite being very busy and not even signing up for the exchange this year). How's a mod supposed to face humanity when she's got friends like these!

Anyway, I know what you're all here for.

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In addition, this year was our first year on the nicer, friendlier DW (with full mirrors on LJ). How did you like it? Should we stay here, go back to LJ, move to AO3, something else entirely? With the Rapidly Changing Internet comes many, many growing pains, but I want to keep this community as accessible as possible. Any thoughts on this front would be greatly appreciated! :3.

That's all, folks. Until next year!

[Lyrics] Tsunagu - Arashi

Jul. 8th, 2017 04:39 pm
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I LOVE THIS SINGLE SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. Part of it is my Ohno-bias, but it's just a solid pop song in general I think. Gaaah.

This is the end of my translation posts for today! I'm thinking of translating Power of the Paradise and its b-sides since no one has done it yet. Still thinking if I should translate the b-sides for Tsunagu :-? Would you guys be interested in that? We'll see how it goes!

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I actually listened to this before Colors and JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH IT, oh my god. :'( THE MELODY IS SO PRETTY!?!?!?! *heart eyes* And so are the lyrics ♥

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[Lyrics] Colors - V6

Jul. 8th, 2017 04:18 pm
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Hi everyone! Been sitting on this and the next few lyric translations for a while now. I haven't actually been tweaking them that much -- I just wanted to update the AYH translations before posting new ones. So here!

I kind of love the ~calm and ~collected feel of the new V6 single! Can't get enough was dance-y and sophisticated and Hanahirake was happy and pump up-y, so this is a nice way to round everything out. :D The lyrics are so nice and feel-good too ♥♥

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